Wednesday, 23 March 2011

CARP- Gossip Girl

CARP- Gossip Girl
CARP- Gossip Girl by Mary♥Somers on

Hello Students. This is the Gossip Girl. here's Your news: Hello Kelley? Make up your mind here, who do you like Jack or Liam? Becaue seriously remeber, Liam is your BOYFRIEND, you shouldn't be flirting with Jack. You're just confusing everyone. Watch out everyone, it seems Darri and Eloise are on the prowl for boys. Keep an eye on your boyfriends. Casey seems cute, he's got girls falling all over him, but hello? I see no Drama. Unlike at Homecoming and Sutton and Hadley's birthday party. Drama brimming over the edges. At Homecoming, Loads of people could of hooked up, but who did: Kris and Hannah That's it. I mean hello? But Lots of fights. Too many to list. And that's all for now :33

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