Thursday, 21 April 2011

fuck yeah indie girls!


fuck yeah indie girls!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thought you'd want to see my GORGE best friend Georgia

Gonna make a new story

Sunday, 17 April 2011



Harrington High- Audishh ;D

Harrington High- Audishh ;D
Harrington High- Audishh ;D by Sincerely, M {{ON}} on

Name- Dylan Harrington Age- 18 Clique- Populars Position in Clique- Alpha Likes- + Friends&Family + Cheerleading Dislikes- + Laura + Rumour spreaders Bio- Dylan is the girl who you want to please if you want to survive here. Her father is the headmaster and her great-grandfather founded the school. She is a bubbly head-cheerleader with the best grades in school. She isn't spoilt, but loves to shop and is a regular New York-born socialite. She has a cat called Tigger and two dogs called Mishu and Cavalier. Secret- Used to be best friends with Laura Ancelin Enemy- Laura Boyfriend- Haydn Name- Brendon Richardson Age- 17 Clique- Populars Position in Clique- Beta Likes- + Sport + Singing Dislikes- + Girls who think they're all that + Gossips Bio- Brendon grew up with the good life. He always thought that his life was the only type of life there was; everyone on hand to help you and that you could do nothing wrong, he was always more mature than his friends, and can be quite hardworking when he wants. Secret- Use to smoke Enemy- Freddie Roberts Girlfriend- Molly Name- Alexander 'Alex' Rottenhiemer Age- 18 Clique- Sweethearts Position in Clique- Epsilon Likes- + Cats + Words with double 'e's Dislikes- + Bullies + Coconut Bio- New Boy. Meow Secret- Got bullied at his old school. Enemy- No one yet. He's new Girlfriend- Lily Name- Lila Rose 'Lil' Harteford Age- 18 Clique- Mean Girls Position in Clique- Beta Likes- + Gossip + Shopping Dislikes- + Goodie two shoes + Snitches Bio- Sl.t. Secret- Used to be a prostitute Enemy- Parris Rawson Boyfriend- Freddie


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Audition for Good Girl *|RolePlay|* Name:: Logan Lerman Age:: 17 Personality:: funny, sporty, sarcastic, sweet Bio:: D: Secrets:: -Was bullied in middle school -Then was a bully in Junior High -Used to smoke Interests:: -Singing and Acting -Girls -Football and Soccer Do you want to become a Good Girl? ((Girls only))::

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Look it's Louie


Thought y'all would like to see some pics of my friend and bafte winner, Molly Windsor! I Love you Moll x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Got my hair Dyed. What do you think?