Thursday, 31 March 2011


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I'm bored so yeah. Gonna. Do. A. Blog. xD So.... Walking to school- Right so I walk with this girl called Emily. I don't paticularlly like her but she's the only girl who lives remotely near me. Actually she lives on my road. Anyway, we were walking to school and she starts DANCING! In the middle of the road. On a road that EVERYONE from our school walks down. I was just like, right WIERDO. Science- Boring. Our science teacher was pumping up the ballon and my friends Stephan, Sanjeev and James went into hysterics. I was just like. Yup. Okay then. Dirty Minded Boys. History- OhMyGod. Our History teacher has the worst voice ever. It's so annoying. It actually /hurts/ your ears! And she kept going on and on and on and on and... Well you get it. Blah Blah Blah. Double Maths- My friend Amy's tip-ex spilt all over me. And my shoe broke. The sole completely came off. Amy, Chantelle, Skye and I were talking and this really /wierd/ girl called Rianna butts in and starts being rude to all of us. Especially me. And so Channey (Chantelle) went "Stop talking shitt Rianna" And Rianna just laughed. She has some wierd laugh. English- Watched some 'Great expectations' crapp. It was /terrible/. It was nothing like the book. The book is wierd enough. But this was just plain STRANGE. German- The curtain tried to wrap itself around me ;) It's so windy at the moment and the window was open, and as I sit by the window.... Well you can imagine what happened. Walking home- Emily was wierd. Story of her life. Enough said. -.- Relationship- Nonneeee :( Mood- Freaked out (yes by Emily) Time- 16:39 (England time XD)

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