Saturday, 26 March 2011

AIKDOMO- Audition

AIKDOMO- Audition
AIKDOMO- Audition by Mary♥Somers on

Sign Up- Name-Taylor Swift Face Claim- Taylor Swift Age- 18 Likes- Shopping, Cheerleading, Dislikes- shite-spreaders, Phobias/Allergies- Phobia- Death Allergy- Coconut Personality- Bubbly, down-to-earth, friendly, sweet Bio- Taylor is your average Cheer Captain, the fittest boyfriend, blond hair, blue eyes and incredibly pretty. But in other ways she's not; she hates gossip and Drama. And Giggley-Girly Girls just annoy her. Family- Mum- Andrea Gardner Dad- Scott Kingsley Swift Brother- Austin Swift Place Of Birth- Nottingham, England Couple They're in: The Jock Couple Place in them: Girlfriend Sign Up- Name- Graham Phillips Face Claim- Graham Phillips Age- 18 Likes- sport, roller coasters Dislikes- Over-Dramatic people, Math Phobias/Allergies- Phobia- Falling Allergy- Hay Fever Personality- sweet, wants what is best for his friends, sporty Bio- Although no one except Elizabeth and Ariana know it, Graham is a great singer, when his Mum tells him they're moving to London, he jumps at the chance to move away from his old school that only holds Bullying and Cr*p for him. Family- Mum- Lucy Phillips Dad- Evan Phillips Place Of Birth- Derby, England

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